Qigong classes

*** Beginners welcome ***

Classes held over the summer

There are two weekly Qigong classes, held at

Hewitt’s Community Café, 35-37 South Street, Emsworth, PO10 7EG

Qigong exercise 3
Mondays, 2.30pm prompt to 3.30pm


Wednesdays, 9.15am prompt to 10.15am

Cost £8 per session

There are two places available in the Wednesday class and one place available in the Monday class.  

Contact me at emsworthtaichi@gmail.com if you are interested in joining.

You are welcome to stay on after the session for a cup of tea at Hewitt’s Community Café, a workplace offering service opportunities for people with learning disabilities.


About the classes

Qigong is a traditional Chinese practice of exercise for health maintenance, healing and increasing vitality.

The emphasis is on keeping relaxed and the repetition of flowing movements.

There is a wealth of Qigong exercises and short forms available and I include different ones each week for variety.  Qigong incorporates many Tai Chi exercises but, because it isn’t a martial art, the range of exercises in Qigong is wider and aimed at  improving your wellbeing.

There are many health, fitness and well-being benefits in these energising exercises which work on developing and improving the energy flows in the body.  Particularly beneficial is increased mobility of the spine, improved flexibility, better balance and posture.   I usually include a number of exercises that may help arthritis. 

The sessions include an exploration of the Qigong way of mindfulness and mind-body exercises.  We find out how Qigong influences relaxation, posture and everyday living.

Throughout the sessions I will explain the health benefits of each exercise.  If you wish to practice at home this will enable you to tailor your own routine to your needs.

On a final note I usually end each session with a few minutes meditation.  This is an important aspect of Qigong as it settles the mind and energy in the body.  The aim of each class is to finish the hour feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Wear loose-fitting clothes and either go barefoot or wear flat shoes such as plimsolls, pumps or light trainers.

See the location of the venues by clicking on the Yin and Yang smaller.png markers of the map below.