Zoom and indoor classes

*** Beginners welcome ***

1. Zoom (Shibashi) class

Shibashi for beginners (Zoom class) – every Thursday at 4pm for one hour.

Shibashi is a gentle, flowing Qigong exercise routine that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing.  It is based on movements from the Yang style Tai Chi choreographed into a smooth, continuously flowing sequence of eighteen gentle repetitive movements that are precisely synchronised with deep, relaxed breathing.

Shibashi is performed on the spot and is ideal for remote learning on Zoom.  All you need is to be able to operate Zoom on your computer, laptop or iPad.  Ideally there should be enough space in front of your computer for it to video all of you with your hands held above your head.

See Shibashi (Zoom) for class details.

2. Indoor classes

All indoor classes are full.  

Places come available from time to time.

Contact me if you want me to start a waiting list.

Tai Chi class

Every Wednesday, 11am to 12 noon

Learn Shibashi, the Yang Tai Chi short form together with a modified version ideal for social distancing, Zoom and indoor practice: Yang Tai Chi short form on the spot.

Qigong classes

Every Tuesday, 2pm to 3pm


Every Wednesday, 9.30am to 10.30am


You will be joining an established group who are keen and friendly with a good grounding in Qigong and Tai Chi, run by an experienced Advanced Instructor Member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

We all know what it is like to be a newcomer to the group and we will help you settle in. You will quickly pick it up, join in and start to gain the health benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong practice.  And you will enjoy the experience!

Contact me at if you are interested in joining.

All indoor classes are held in the Parish Hall, 20A Church Path, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 7DP.


The Parish Hall is run to strict Covid-19 regulations.

Face masks must be worn.  Select a mask which is light and easy to breathe through.

When the weather is cold the heating will be on and all windows wide open, so wear layers to keep warm.

In this Covid-19 nightmare ensuring social distancing is my personal priority and I take whatever precautions are necessary to keep the distance.  I will ensure we can all apply social distancing absolutely in class although this will limit the range of exercises and forms taught in class.

In the Tai Chi class the Yang Short Form will be formed in strict formation.  We will also learn the Yang Tai Chi short form on the spot where all stepping is removed without impacting on the Qi flows through the movements.  I will also teach Shibashi, a set of eighteen Qigong movements, a perfect combination of flowing, relaxing, slow-moving and healthy Qigong exercises based around the Yang form.  Shibashi is a wonderful sequence to perform on the spot.

In the Qigong classes I will include the full variety and range of standing Qigong exercises.   The stepping routines and Qigong forms will be included, but modified to perform in reduced space.  I will also teach Shibashi so we will have a new sequence of Qigong exercises to learn and enjoy.

If at any time the Parish Hall is temporarily closed due to changed Covid-19 regulations then classes will continue on-line using Zoom.  Both the Yang Tai Chi short form on the spot and Shibashi are ideal for Zoom classes, where participants have limited space in front of their computer.

Class fees

Classes cost £9 each, when you buy a block of 5 classes for £45.

There is no time limit for using the advanced payments so you aren’t disadvantaged if you miss the occasional session due to illness or holiday.

Alternatively you can pay-on-the day where the cost of each class is £10, payable at the beginning of each class.


Wear loose-fitting clothes and either go barefoot or wear flat shoes such as plimsolls, pumps or light trainers.

Bring layers if it is cold, the heating will be on but all windows will be open.

On-street parking is available nearby and there are car parks in North Street in front of the Community Centre and behind Tesco.  You can cut through to the Parish Hall by the alleyway at the side of the Community Centre .

The car park in Bridge Road is free, but usually full.

Here is the location on the map: Emsworth Parish Hall